Why Train With Us?

We appreciate that there are several providers of technical diving training in New Zealand and that as a customer you have to choose. We also appreciate that while we are not the cheapest option, we do think we are the best. Here is why you should choose Tech Dive NZ for all your technical diving training:

The Best Instructors

The best people to offer technical training are divers who regularly do technical dives using the equipment configurations that they train in. When they are not working, all of our instructors are regularly enjoying technical dives Ė including advanced wreck penetration, cave exploration and deep decompression dives. This ensures that you get the most up-to-date and relevant information and a highly skilled and passionate instructor.

More Diving

More DivingBuilding skills is all about time in the water. Ask all prospective instructors how much in-water time you will get on each course Ė the answers will vary hugely! Here at Tech Dive NZ we normally do 3 or 4 times the required minimum in-water time, as we know that this is the best way to build skills.

Unique Range of Courses

We offer a range of courses that is unmatched in NZ. We are the only training company able to offer GUE classes, recognised world-wide as setting the standard for quality education. We are also the only training company able to offer the PADI Advanced Wreck Diver course and TDI Introductory Cave Diver and Full Cave Diver courses.

Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a unique satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident that we can improve both your knowledge and skills on a Tech Dive NZ course that we will refund your money if you donít learn and improve your diving during our courses.

Referral Scheme

We offer referral bonuses to all Tech Dive NZ students, giving you and your friends an additional incentive to train with us. We also have a loyalty/bonus scheme where we offer regular benefits to our students. E.g. subsidised trips, free guided dives, special discounts off new equipment, Tech Dive NZ logo gear.

Rental Equipment

Try before you buy. Unlike most training providers we have the full range of technical training gear available for rental, including back-plates and wings, regulators, canister lights, double tanks, stage bottles and argon bottles. Donít forget if you are new to technical diving it is always best to find out as much as possible before you commit to buying lots of new gear.
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