Student Testimonials

With each course I do with Jamie and Andy, each course bettering the last I seriously wonder what they have in the line up next for me. One thing is for sure with the level of training and quality of these instructors, they will continue to get my custom. And not just on a professional level either are they setting the bar, Andy and Jamie are two of the most humble yet knowledgeable approachable instructors I know. [Rob W. (Wellington)]

Back onshore, Mel gave us a de-briefing and expanded on more benefits of working as a team. Sharing planning and outcomes certainly expands the enjoyment of the exercise. The amount of laughter as we talked over our experiences and reactions highlighted the just-plain-good-fun part of the PADI Wreck Diver Course. I recommend it. [Dean D. (Orewa)]

I did a couple of dives last night and the impact of the training was there... I found little things I used to do (like finger push off rocks) are no longer acceptable - stop and turn without touch is the new goal. I turned my light off on the night dive an hovered in the water using the glow of the other two torches as my guide and did a few mask remove and replaces in the glow... things somehow are completely different, same dives, totally different feel... At least I know, once again, I'm on the path to becoming a good diver. So I just wanted to thank you both so very much for the excellence you bring and the way you do it. [Pete H. (Wellington)]

We ticked off the last remaining skills, and then Andy spent a bit of time with me working on some drysuit skills. I had some trouble re-connecting the drysuit inflator hose with my gloves on and spent a solid few minutes wrestling with it. After a bit, the glove came off and the hose went on quite easily. I didn't really realise it at the time, but Andy pointed out later that the whole time I was wrestling with the hose, I was staying pretty much stationary in the water column rather than crashing to the bottom or popping to the surface... something that I would NOT have been able to do before the SRD course... that to me was the crowning moment of the weekend! [Sean C. (Wellington)]

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