Referral Scheme

We believe we run great courses and provide exceptional training. We also believe that the ultimate purpose of doing courses is to go diving and have fun.

Unsurprisingly we’ve found that having done one course with us most students immediately want to do another course - so staying true to our beliefs we have put together the following incentive scheme for both you and your friends, to help you enjoy more Tech Dive NZ training and diving.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Refer a friend and you both benefit!

  • Refer a friend to Tech Dive NZ and when they sign up for one of our certification classes we will give you $50 off your next Tech Dive NZ course.
  • Also, because your friends want to go diving after their course, you get to give them a $50 voucher for an OceanBlue trip to the Poor Knights Islands – the best subtropical diving in the world!
  • And better still there is no limit to how many friends you can refer AND no limit to how many vouchers you can use per course. E.g. refer 6 friends and get $300 off your next course!


Terms & Conditions
  1. Referrals only valid for students who have never done a course with Tech Dive NZ.
  2. $50 to be refunded against the full cost of a future Tech Dive NZ course. The voucher has no other value.
  3. The referral voucher cannot be used against already discounted courses e.g. where a group rate has been negotiated.
  4. $50 referral credit only available once the new student has completed their course and paid in full.
  5. $50 OceanBlue voucher has no value other than for an OceanBlue trip. Only one voucher per customer per trip.
  6. $50 referral voucher only valid for full certification classes, does not cover workshops, gas fees, boat expenses or GUE certification fees.
  7. Referrals only paid to students that have previously completed a course with Tech Dive NZ.
  8. Referrals are not valid for courses run through shops, as most shops have their own referral schemes.
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