Training Philosophy

Diving is supposed to be fun! Here at Tech Dive NZ, our aim is to ensure that you have fun by focusing on three principles:

We provide a relaxed and open training environment where questions and discussion are encouraged. Our aim is to help you extend your limits as a diver, but to do so at your own pace. In addition to a comfortable learning environment, we will ensure your comfort with the equipment used in your course.

The goal of our training programmes is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to be confident diving at the level of certification you earn. When we issue your certification, it is because our instructors are confident that you can dive at that level.

Progressing beyond recreational limits is not simply about more complex equipment. Diver abilities are key to ensuring safety on technical dives, so we aim to assist in developing the high level of competency you need to be a safe technical diver.

At Tech Dive NZ, we have a strong focus on consistency not only between the courses we offer but also between the instructors who deliver them. As your diving progresses, we won't suddenly turn around and tell you that you need to unlearn something that we have taught you previously - we always start with the end in mind.

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