Technical Diving in New Zealand

New Zealand offers some fabulous opportunities for technical diving, with everything from unexplored cave systems, to huge sunken cruise liners and vertical walls plunging into the abyss. If you are seeking a challenge or feel the lure of exploration then New Zealand is the place to be!

Here at Tech Dive NZ we take full advantage of the wide range of diving available and do regular dives to sites all around the country. We have built up a large store of tech diving equipment, including everything from double tanks and stages, to back-plates, wings, regs and even the latest Halcyon scooters. We also have own own completely portable trimix blending system so we can go anywhere in the country and dive with any gas we need.

We welcome all NZ divers and international visitors to join us on our trips or courses. Please review our monthly newsletters, trip reports and course outlines to see what is available. Alternatively drop us an email for more information or to ask us about arranging a specific trip or course. If you are just seeking a suitably qualified dive buddy for some more adventurous diving we can also help to put you in touch with many keen and enthusiastic NZ based technical divers.

However, we offer a word of warning for visiting technical divers. Technical diving is still in its infancy here in New Zealand, at least in terms of the facilities available. Nitrox is still not available in all locations and trimix is virtually non-existent, except for a couple of shops and through TDNZ. Many shops do not cater for technical divers so obtaining rental equipment can sometimes be difficult and most charter boats will have open water divers onboard, so getting access to many sites can be hard to arrange. If you have been struggling to organise your trip to NZ we fully understand your frustrations and can hopefully help.

General Diving Information

Water temperatures vary dramatically depending on where you choose to dive in NZ. In northern parts sea temperatures range from 14 degrees in mid-winter to 22 degrees in mid summer. As you head south there is a significant temperature drop, with summer water temps varying between 8-16 degrees around Stewart Island in the far south.

Weather plays a significant role in NZ diving and on any given day the weather can change abruptly. Most diving is generally done during the summer months, but this is purely due to air and sea temperatures rather than other weather conditions. It is impossible to plan a dive trip to NZ months in advance and guarantee good conditions. Here at TDNZ we dive all year round, taking advantage of the relatively mild winter conditions in northern NZ.

Visibility is also hugely variable. Generally the further off-shore you go the better the visibility, with sites such as the Poor Knights and Volkner Rocks often having 30m+ visibility. In many areas the spring time often has great visibility (October), as the plankton has not yet bloomed in the still relatively cool water.

Most diving happens on the east coast of both the north and south islands as the west coast gets hit with wind far more often. The largest collection of diving operations is in northern NZ, from the Bay of Plenty northwards. Tutukaka is really the only location which offers a range of diving options all day year round.

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