Technical Instructors

Our highly trained and experienced instructors are always on hand throughout your course. Having trained and dived together extensively, Jamie and Mel are committed to maintaining consistency across the range of our courses and are dedicated to ensuring that the quality of diver education provided is second to none.

Jamie Obern

Jamie is a keen technical diver, with an avid interest in cave and wreck penetration. He is the only GUE instructor in New Zealand and is GUE Cave 2 and Tech 2 qualified. He is also the only cave diving instructor in NZ, holding the TDI Full Cave Instructor rating. He makes regular cave diving trips to Mexico, Florida, Europe and Australia and is actively involved in cave exploration in New Zealand. Jamie has been diving since 1988, instructing since 1997 and holds instructor ratings with GUE, TDI, DSAT, BSAC and PADI. He is one of the few instructors in NZ who can teach the Advanced Wreck specialty courses and in addition to the overhead environment courses he is also qualified to teach open circuit trimix classes.

Mel Jeavons

Mel is one of the most qualified female technical divers in New Zealand, being certified at both GUE Tech 2 and Cave 2 levels. Having been diving since a University student, Mel has dived extensively around the world, including running a marine science project for 2 years on a remote pacific island. Mel hold instructor ratings with BSAC, PADI and the Handicapped Scuba Association. Mel is actively involved in cave exploration in NZ and is one of the few instructors in NZ who can teach cavern specialty courses.

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