Satisfaction Guarantee

We truly believe in all of our courses, so much so that we are confident in offering a money back guarantee - something that we think is unique in the New Zealand diving industry. If you do a course with us and do not improve both your knowledge and skills we will refund your course fees, subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Why are we so confident? All the Tech Dive NZ instructors have qualifications from multiple training agencies and significant experience from many different countries around the globe. Additionally we have selected only those courses that we are passionate about teaching and that we feel offer the best value for money and greatest learning opportunities. If you don't believe us then come and see for yourself - what have you got to lose?

Terms & Conditions
  1. If you feel that you have signed up for the wrong class, either that it is beyond your abilities or below your current skill level please talk to your instructor by the end of the first day to voice your concerns. Should this be the case then we will endeavour to find the right course for you or refund your money.
  2. By the end of the second day if you still feel that your concerns have not been properly dealt with and that you are not progressing please inform your instructor and your course fees will be refunded.
  3. This guarantee does not extend to students who complete the whole course but do not voice their concerns to the instructor during the course.
  4. This guarantee does not extend to students that choose not to complete the course for other reasons.
  5. This guarantee does not extend to additional fees that may have paid to third parties e.g. boat fees, gas fills paid directly to shops or charter operators.
  6. We reserve the right to alter, amend, update or change these terms and conditions at any time.
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