Photo Gallery: 2013

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September 22nd 2013: Waitomo - dry caving day

Haggas Honking Hole Haggas Honking Hole Glow Worms Haggas Honking Hole Lost World Lost World Lost World Lost World Lost World Lost World Axel Busch Jamie, Annette, Telli, Nicole & Axel Nicole Miller Annette Vickers Jamie Obern Axel, Nicole, Annette & Jamie

Photos: Waitomo Adventures

September 2013: What to do in NZ when you can't go diving? Skiing of course!

Jamie Obern on ski lift Whakapapa ski village First people on the chair lift Early morning in Whakapapa Dirk van der Woerd & Jamie Obern Old volunteer ski patrol base Lots and lots of snow

Photos: Jamie Obern & Mel Jeavons

August 3rd 2013: Tough Guy and Gal

Which tape is best for keeping shoes on? Team Wellington Nerves before the race? YMCA warm up A gentle start The mud begins They are all enjoying themselves really The lake Still smiling, despite everything Rob, Brendon, Jamie, Mel, Claire, Nicole

Photos: Nicole Miller

July 4th - 17th 2013: Nullarbor Karst Plain Project 2013

Nullarbor Caves: So much space. David Doolette David Doolette Main tunnel Steve Trewavas & David Doolette Slime collection for Macquarie University Lowering a DPV into the cave. Nullarbor Desert: Neighbours Joe Monks RB80. Lowering in Lower chamber. Zip line no. 2 Rick Nash & Steve Trewevas Nullarbor Desert: Our campsite Nullarbor Desert: Neighbours

Photos: David Rhea

May and June 2013: Croatia. GUE Tech 1 ITC and Instructor Trainer course

Krnica Dive. Krnica Harbour. Krnica Church. Beautiful conditions in the Adriatic. Beautiful conditions in the Adriatic. Maurizio Mario Arena. T2 class. Derk Remmers. T2 class. Rich Walker. T1 class. Marc Hall, Kirill Egorov, Rich Walker. T1 ITC. JP Bresser & Rich Walker. GUE Netherland's van. Jesper Berglund. GUEF ITC. Irene Homberger. GUEF ITC. Jarrod Jablonski. Panos Alexakos. Gareth Burrows.

Photos: Jamie Obern

January 25th - February 10th 2013: Blue Creek Resurgence

Preparing to dive Lowering gear into the cave Zip line Zip line Surfacing in the entrance pool Mel & Jamie about to dive Tom, Courtney, Nicole, Rob, Mel, Jamie, James & Mike James Croker Jamie, James & Nicole Mike Batey Blending trimix Gear transport Deco bottles Mike & Tom

Photos: Rob Wilson

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