Technical Diving Equipment

A good SCUBA equipment configuration should allow for the addition of items necessary to perform a specific dive without interfering with or changing the existing configuration. Diving with the same configuration not only helps solve problems, it prevents them.

The DIR equipment configuration is at the core of our diving and training philosophy. DIR equipment configurations are almost identical across a wide range of diving environments. To adjust for specific environments, divers merely add appropriate safety equipment to their stable foundation. The basic concept of the equipment is simplicity, or less is best. If you don't need it on this dive, don't take it. By achieving a configuration which is streamlined and comfortable to dive with, the diver has minimum stress, task loading and thus improved gas/air consumption.

For a full explanation of our preferred equipment configuration for technical diving, please refer to information on the GUE website.

Technical Diving Equipment Rental

We are pleased to have a full range of technical diving equipment for hire. Our rental equipment is available to the general public as well as students on our courses, who qualify for discounted rates. For further details, please see our technical diving equipment rental page.

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