Technical Diving Courses

Whilst the number of courses we offer is small, we recognise that it is still a challenge to select a course that will not only be of interest, but will help you get the best value in terms of enjoying your diving more.

All of our courses are adapted to abilities and aspirations of the students enrolled. We are so confident that our courses are the best available in New Zealand that we offer a unique money back satisfaction guarantee. You will note that our courses are more expensive than others, this is a reflection of the quality of instruction provided. If you are just seeking the certification card for the cheapest price possible, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Our courses are grouped in to three categories: Essential Courses, Overhead Courses and Decompression Courses. Alternatively you can view our courses by training agency: GUE, PADI and TDI.

In addition to our certification courses we offer a number of workshops for divers who are wanting to improve existing skills in a narrow area.

Essential Courses

GUE Fundamentals - part 1 "Begin the original dive ninja course."

GUE Fundamentals - part 2 "Complete the original dive ninja course."

GUE Rec Diver 1 "Never dived before?"

GUE Rec Diver 2 "Ascent training and rescue scenarios"

GUE DPV Diver 1 "The most fun you can have underwater"

GUE Documentation Diver "Your passport to GUE projects"

GUE Gas Blender "The essential tools of the trade."

GUE Doubles "Your introduction to double tank diving."

GUE Drysuit "Your introduction to dry-suit diving."

Decompression Courses

GUE Rec Diver 3 "Your introduction to trimix diving."

GUE Tech 1 "Full tec trimix training."

Overhead Courses

TDI Cavern Diver "Begin your journey into inner-space."

TDI Introductory Cave Diver "Leave the daylight behind."

TDI Full Cave Diver "No limits cave penetration diving."

TDI Adv Wreck "Advanced wreck penetration techniques."

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